Joker Packable Duffle Bag Batman Authentic Licensed NEW!

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This bag makes a killer accessory for any fan of the Joker’s antics. It features iconic imagery from Batman: The Killing Joke. This line of backpacks, totes and duffle bags feature the ability to transform into a much smaller carrying case, meaning you can use these bags to carry whatever you like, and when you’re done, they can be stowed anywhere conveniently.
Product Details :
Bag packs into front pocket
Folds into 8”W x 7”H front pocket pouch
Removable 1.5” adjustable shoulder strap

Specifications :
Silhouette Name: Packable Duffle
Material:Lightweight poly material
Dimensions: 20”W x 9”H x 9”D (Fully Unpacked)
Care: Wipe clean